Breaking Free Pre-Retreat Course

Meet Your Facilitators - Mount Shasta June 2019

IT'S TIME TO BREAK FREE Learn to walk as your high self. Are there areas of your life that you don’t feel fulfilled? Do you believe there are patterns and automatic responses that are holding you back? Do you want to change? Join us at the Earth’s energetic root, Mount Shasta, as our facilitators hand over the keys to discover and unlock the root of what you are experiencing. Enjoy this beginning exploration before the retretat takes place this June 2019

Your Instructor


SENSEI & Step Astrologer

Happiness is hard to come by. That’s where Sensei Christopher Witecki comes into the mix. Christopher Witecki is master astrologer and spiritual life coach that focuses on building inner happiness and personal joy. In fact, he calls it ‘Sirius*JoY’ — named after the brightest star in the sky. As Christopher puts it, his mission on earth is “to help you become the bright star you really are.”


If you hear a call somewhere inside urging you to step-up and take charge of your life I encourage you to take this leap of faith and just jump! Lets go on an exciting adventure of self discovery! Lets explore who we are, what our destiny is, and why our soul longs to be recognized. Lets play with reality in a way that creates our next path and a portal for soul to venture through.

HUMAN CHAMPION & Metamorphic Trailblazer

By pursuing the power of alignment to get your mind and body functioning better you can completely change your life. How? Using intimate knowledge of the internal network to locate where stress, trauma and tension is being stored in your body Gary Linehan will guide you towards understanding where your trigger points to wellbeing lie.

DIVINE EMPOWERER & Freedom Wayshower

Working as a spiritual counselor, workshop facilitator and speaker. I receive my most profound source of joy when speaking with individuals who’ve awakened to their spiritual calling and seek a deeper connection to their spiritual guidance. This is where I thrive through my many hours spent counseling and providing workshops that bring clear validation to those who seek to know.

MASTER GATEOPENER & Ascension Luminary

All the way from Scotland she travels inspiring the exploration and evolution of Human consciousness, bridging the multidimensional worlds to create peace, self-realization and a deep understanding of the Ascension process. Informing as a pure conduit to empower, inspire and accelerate the Ascension of Humanity.

BODY GURU & Yoga Specialist

Have you a deep desire to go beyond your regular day to day life and to dive into the ocean of bliss that is your true spiritual nature- free of conflict, united with all and conscious of your higher existence? Being a seeker means you are ready to experience inner development and outer transformation of the body and mind, so you can evolve and elevate to embody your higher spiritual consciousness.


An Artist, Naturalist, Reiki Master and Earth Life Instructor. Having dedicated most of his Adult Life to Earth Healing, he has conducted numerous Ceremonies and Rituals and has been involved in the Protection of many Conservation Areas. As an Ecological Restoration Specialist, he has been the Primary Caretaker and Interpreter at Panther Meadow On Mount Shasta for 27 years.

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